Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fantastic suggestion from Down Under

I had a great conversation with someone on MODEL RAIL RADIO this weekend. He's a guy from Australia who has many skills and many wise ideas and he's great at working out possible fixes and additions on people's layouts.  He had a fantastic suggestion for my Harbor Elevator I had planned.

His suggestion was to go with something like the Vivian Incline

So, instead of an elevator that would just take trucks up to a loading area, I could send whole cars down to be loaded at the harbor level! I loved the idea and started in on it the other night.

It even looks like I can make the platform large enough so that I can get trucks on it as well. It's going to be a fun little nugget to build. Later. After I get the tracks sorted. :)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The layout - March 2014

Another old post from 2014 that I never finished. Interesting to see the layout when I first started it.

I've made some progress on my layout. Small steps, but steps all the same. I've......

Working out my layout extention

An old post that I found that I never actually posted - Shows my process for track. (AKA - a mess.) :)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

November Update: Crawling forward through the Fall

Still have a ton of stuff going on this week, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet!

Firstly, a video of the latest iteration:

I realized that I've been taking things really...REALLY slow (GOOD! Last time I rushed things and made some mistakes)   but now I'm going so slow that I'm actually stopped for the most part. I plan on fixing this in the coming weeks once things chill out a bit. I need to get things back to a point where I can start adding my buildings back into the mix. I miss them a lot! That's the part I really enjoyed - moving the buildings around and city planning. I want to get there before 2018 hits....which is like...what? Two days away now? hehehehe   The "HOLLOWDAZE". Always so crazy. Why do we do it? Anyway.....

I have a weathering plan for this guy....

90 to 95% done with my friend Tom Barbalet's gift. :::grin::: Hope to get it to him in December for the holidays. He does so much for the model rail community with MODEL RAIL RADIO that I just wanted to give a little back.

I moved the shipping area over to where I had a train house previously. The train house will go away to make room for some more interesting, double rail switching in the shipping arena. I'm not a big operations guy, so this will be just fine for me and my small aspirations towards switching. :)

Not sure WHAT the old shipping area will be at the moment. Another station? Another industry? The latter sounds more interesting.

I'm still sorting out where I'm going to put a tunnel in. I know I want one, but it's just a matter of where. I was thinking that it might run by Soyokaze Temple, but I'm exploring options.

Lastly, I've added another tram to the mix. A TOMYTEC offering I dug. I popped their engine system in and the whole procedure took less than eight minutes!

The Railway Collection Kumamoto City Transportation Bureau Type 5000 (Final Painting) A (#5015) (Model Train)

TM-TR03 N-Gauge Power Unit For Railway Collection, for Road Surface 2 Articulated Car (Model Train)

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

MOKUSEI DENSHA & KIKANSHA wooden train kits

Woody Joe is putting out some fun items. I love this wood kits. They come flat and you build them up. They run about $18 for the kit and another $18 for the power.

Can be found here on HOBBY SEARCH

They have a fun look! I might have to add a set to my layout at some point in the near future.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Small update for October

Busy? YUP! 

I have way too many hobbies, North Bay fire smoke messing with my already cold addled brain, and a small case of analysis paralysis I'm trying to deal with on three fronts.  So....I'll keep this quick. :)

Firstly, I did manage to spend 30 minutes on the track to make sure my EVA500 could make it around without derailing...before my new doggie escaped from the back yard (....maybe via a motorcycle and complex action plan...) and phone calls and fence repairs started. :::grin:::

But, I really have not done much more than that. I've dabbled in getting things running. I've plotted out some things here and there. Cleaned the track a few times. But...yeah, not much more. I was supposed to be working on a gift for a friend, but I got to the point where I was trying to work on it at night and just couldn't manage to get past getting all the supplies out! hehehe

Many factors there. Moving on.

I have been planning out some items on the layout that seem like they are transferring from paper to layout well. One of the areas is the massive elevator that will take harbor shipments up to the railroad section - the area on the right side of the photo on the left.

However, I want to get my backgrounds designed before doing much more. I figure that if I can get the backgrounds up BEFORE plastering and the like, I'll have more table space to navigate to get the background up.

Another paralysis point - background production and printing. Whew. I found a great site with all the HOW TO stuff called out (  Sumida Crossing  http://www.sumidacrossing.org/LayoutConstruction/BackdropConstruction/MakingBackdrops/ ), which is a big help. I actually do motion graphics and design for a living, so I should be able to cobble something together. I just have to check printing costs.

I'm also playing around with the idea of another station on the layout. (photo on right)  It would make sense where it is. We'll see what shakes out from me sitting with it a while.

In Other News
I was recently shown the work of Shunichi Matsuba and I was blown away. Great stuff! He's a true artist. His details are amazing. He's definitely being added to my HOBBY HERO list! 

Some fantastic detail work!!!   Look at this comparison!

Ok...that's all I can muster at the moment. :)

Happy Modeling!